Marvin - ZX Spectrum Emulator

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Emulate the legendary Spectrum games on your Android


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Marvin - ZX Spectrum Emulator is, as its name clearly denotes, the first ZX Spectrum Emulator for Android devices that allows its users to enjoy some of this platform's most famous games on mobile phones and tablets.

And the best part of this app isn’t that it can emulate loads of videogames, but that it includes a database with thousands of them so you can access them more easily and manage them from the emulator's own interface.

Like many emulators of its kind, Marvin - ZX Spectrum Emulator lets you save the game at any moment, so you won’t have any problems when leaving a game midway and then resuming it later.

Marvin - ZX Spectrum Emulator has been designed especially for nostalgic ZX Spectrum users who can now rediscover some of their favorite classics from the eighties on their Android devices.